Quadblog Week of April 2 “Meet Us” Videos and School Events

We love to “see” the students we communicate with in this forum. Here are our one minute impromptu videos about our school, ourselves and Brigantine.

Meet Austin

Meet Colin

Meet Joe and Johnny

Meet Cristina

Meet Patrick

Meet Meghan

Meet John

Meet Angie

Meet Jason

Meet Ariana and Ani

Meet Emily

Skylar and Elizabeth

For more info about some of the activities the students spoke about, visit HERE to see videos showcasing some of these special activities.

Also….please visit our Save The Orangutan blog and add your thoughts and comments.



Top 10 in the Unless Contest

Great news. Today we found out that our Unless… campaign to Save the Orangutan has made it to the Top 10 selection by the Philadelphia Zoo. We were lucky enough to have the projects created in Mrs. Carlen’s 7A class merged with our entry so now we have a dynamic and expansive entry!  The next round begins! The Zoo has selected a jury to select the top three and the winner. Regardless of the results, we are so proud of the success of our campaign and hope that the issues that are really important to the survival of the wild orangutan are spread to as many people as possible.  We will keep you posted.

Special Events At Our School: Quadblog Post Week of March 5-9, 2012

This week we decided to highlight three events that were unique to our school. Check out some quick videos about these activities, then read the comments to learn more.


Save The Orangutan Video (YouTube)

St. Baldrick’s Day Videos


Great Valentines Day Gift Idea!

Hug An Orangutan!

Why not do something different this year? Instead of buying candy or stuffed animals, get together as a family or a group of friends and foster an orphaned orangutan. Your $100.00 donation buys medicine, food, toys, blankets and loving care for an orphaned orangutan that may one day be able to return to his/her natural wild habitat.Orangutan Federation International

You may also consider making a donation to the Philadelphia Zoo. For $150.00, you and your family and friends can adopt one of the zoo’s special orangutans.
Your donation allows one member a chance to “meet” the orangutan and his/her handler. Money is used for purchasing toys, food, medicine and to pay for the special loving care provided by the zoo staff.

This year: Think OUTSIDE The Box (of chocolate)!

Visit our Project Orangutan blog at http://projectorangutan.edublogs.org  Learn what you can do to make a difference. Unless we do something now, these amazing creatures may become extinct in the wild in as little as 10 years!


Quadblogging Topic Week of Feb. 6 – 10

Hello fellow quadblog schools. This week we thought we would share a little bit about ourselves and our school.

Brigantine is a barrier island located on the east coast of the United States. We are about 5 minutes northeast of Atlantic City and about one hour from the city of Philadelphia. We have beautiful beaches, wetlands and back bays that surround our island.

We want you to get to know a little bit about us. Read on to meet our class.

Welcome To Our New Quadblogging Schools!

Our spring semester begins with three new partner schools participating in the next Quadblog Session.
We would like to welcome:
Ms. Nikki Henderson (P7 Teacher) from Sunnyside Primary School
 in Alloa, Scotland
School Website
Blog Address
Mr. James Greenwood (Advisory Teacher on the island of St Helena) from the Prince Andrew School on the island of St. Helena
School Website
Class Blog
Dr. Wren Bump (Technology Integration Specialist)
 from Santa Fe Junior High School in Santa Fe, TX
School Website
Blog Address

Welcome to the teachers and the students! We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Week Of Nov. 14, 2011 Quadblog Topic: Bullying

Our 8th grade students have been creating comic strips about the different types of bullying that occur in school. The students used a really neat, online program called BitStrips For Schools found at http://www.bitstrips.com.

This is a free, with limited access, online comic strip creator. The best part is that once a classroom has been created, each student creates his or her own personal avatar. These avatars become characters in the comic strips created by the rest of the class. Even the teacher has an avatar!

Here are the finished comics about bullying situations encountered by many students. We hope you enjoy them! Here is the Public Gallery Link  bs4s.me/g/7MGV

And…don’t forget to try to create one of your own with your classes! Ask your teacher to create a class account! Have fun!


Welcome to Classroom 244 and BNN

This is our first year actively communicating via blogging. Bear with us as we learn through trial and error how to actively engage our peers through discussions and relevant topics that are important to 7th and 8th graders worldwide.

BNN (Brigantine Network News) is now in its tenth year. Our school offers the students access to a professional television studio on campus as well as a Mac Editing Lab and assorted video and audio equipment. Students are encourage to create news segments, videos, commercials, music videos, interviews and silent movies, just to name a few of the creative visual projects produced here. The program is very hands-on and offers authentic learning experiences.

Projects are showcased on Channel 16, our in house television network, and are aired during our daily morning news programs and bi-monthly news magazine shows. Some are posted online to be shared with other schools. The Reel News page on this blog will be used to highlight some of this year’s projects.